Global Business Partners (GBP) are businesses positioned in sports technology who choose to list their business and products in support of the International Sports Technology Association. Partners create a company listing in the directory, categorized by business type. Then, company page owners link secondary product pages which are tagged sport specific. Share your location, contact info, detailed descriptions, photo images, while pages also include video links, downloadable materials, linked social feeds, and much more. Once pages are approved, partners have options to link other information pages containing press, blog stories, or events. All the attached links and materials provide a large search engine footprint to funnel business and parallel channel marketing. 
Partners find value from automated traffic reports and organic search traffic funnels. The average monthly traffic is similar to that of organic social media growth, but depending on utilization, listings may out perform general search engine traffic or social media. The moderated platform also facilitates communicaiton between buyers and vendors. Public guests, visitors, and researchers can search for award winning sports technologies from all over the world. The platform is managed by the association's business committee. 



Non-member visitors who sign up from the platform as "visitors" are signing up for innovation guides and newsletters. If interested in association membership, individuals should contact us via the associaiton's website Non-member visitors who share thier email recieve quarterly reports, product news, and innovation guides generated by the business committee. All platform marketing activities and program revenue efforts are conducted by the committee. Currently, all hosted articles, press, and blogs are open and free to registered partners but are moderated by the volunteer membership commercial board for relevance. 



Plan for 30 minutes to thoroughly create a well built page. Prepare before hand with video links and marketing materials which you may want to attach to your business profile or sport specific product pages. Consider that your business and product pages create a parallel online presence that will funnel traffic to your primary website, so think about business development and sales goals during this process. But don't worry, you can change any information at anytime. Lets get started! 
  1. Register as a Global Business Partner at the top of the home page in the top blue header. If you register as a 'visitor' by accident let us know by email. A volunteer will move your account over manually. A directory listing is a selling opportunity for consulting services and branded products. 
  2. Pick your company category, free listings are limited by the number of listing categories, so choose the best category description or email us with your recommendation for new categories.
  3. Once submitted, please wait for approval from the committee. (usually less than 24 hours)
  4. After approval, update your search engine optimization section. If you need help email us your questions or read up on best ways to compliment keywords.
  5. Add additional linked product pages are sport specific. Again, linked product pages may be restricted by the number of sports tags per page. Multiple product pages tagged with different sports are allowed. Create a product page for each product variation or type.  
  6. Go to your profile account detaisl area and check the box that allows traffic reporting every month. Your are done! 



The Commercial Sports Technology Board (CSTB) is a member-only volunteer business group inside the association. The vendor, supplier, services, and events board is free to all members. The commercial leadership board is focused on managing and growing business outreach programs to serve the interest of a healthy vibrant global business sector. The commercial baord is tasked with program development effecting trade, investments, and entreperneurship. The board operates and regulates the Global Business Partner program and is finanically responible for program operations. Contact for more details.